Our story:

passion, solidarity and colours

– since 2016 –

From the day Parisian-born WeAllShareRoots founder Elise Sormani set foot on South African shores, her life changed forever.

‘I was immediately struck by the warmth and energy of the people and the country itself. The spirit of creating beauty out of even the simplest ideas and the colours, and joy we see and feel around us, are what inspire our team on a daily basis – together with the concept of solidarity, it is what motivated me to create WeAllShareRoots.

Our seamstresses are from some of the most deprived communities in Cape Town and together we have created a business with a production and supply process that is 100% transparent. We are a slow fashion brand – that’s why you will only find limited runs of each bag that can be directly traced to its talented maker.

We want you to enjoy your bag knowing it was made with so much pride, passion and ethical business focus. Our bags celebrate the unique spirit of South Africa, combining traditional fabrics and contemporary designs.

The concepts of community and connection are at the heart of WeAllShareRoots. Each and every handmade bag benefits residents of some of Cape Town’s most vulnerable communities, each bag is a symbol of staying true to our suppliers and crafters, and we love how the bags travel the globe, building a tribe of fans as they go!



bags handmade by our seamstresses since the beginning!

We All Share Roots

our name

Up until 2016, there was a large piece of graffiti displaying ‘We All Share Roots’ within the District Six area of Cape Town, a symbolic area that was razed during the Apartheid era in South Africa. Produced by the Boa Mistura collective, this beautiful artwork reminds us that we all have the same roots – roots that lead us back to Africa.

Ethical production mode

Ethical production mode

Local supplies

Local supplies

Slow fashion

Slow fashion