Elise Sormani

Sustainable fashion advocate / Social Entrepreneur / Circular Economy Specialist / ESG Manager & Consultant

I'm a sustainable fashion activist and ESG specialist. Born in Paris, I started my career in Spain and France in the marketing and media industry. After a specialized MBA (sustainable business administration) I reoriented my path towards Environmental, Social, and Governance management in 2010. I worked for the French Ministry of Environment, then for the French leader of recycling. My personal life took me to Cape Town in 2014 where I ventured into social entrepreneurship and created the sustainable fashion brand, We All Share Roots. After resisting the catastrophic effects of Covid on small and local businesses, I had no choice but to close the company in September 2021. I'm now back to my “first love”: ESG and strategy. I'm currently co-writing various reports on Sustainable Fashion in Africa and drive various freelance projects.