Introduction: Why a blog?

Hi ! I’m Elise ! I’m a French tall brunette, settled in Cape Town – South Africa – since 2014, mother of 2 little girls, few months away from my 40th birthday (40 is the new 20, don’t even challenge the idea!) and owner of WeAllShareRoots, a Capetonian brand of ethical handbags.

Why am I telling you that ?

After 5 years of entrepreneurship, starting my company from scratch, I realize that I have many things to share and explain about this journey, from the past outcomes to what I still have in reserve for the future.

I have learnt a lot, especially in the last 12 months of this unprecedent Covid crisis. And I think that the main thing I have realized is that we need transparency, we need real human beings talking to real human beings, we need to share our failures and successes and build together.

When I created my company, I thought it was important to pretend; to let believe that “we were” more than 1 person at the helm, “we” had real offices, “we were” a company as the big ones you see everywhere, “we” had plenty of followers on social medias etc. But now I am done with that, my company is small and this is OK. I work from home, I often struggle to get everything done, we used to be 3 and now I am alone (temporally hopefully!) but more than anything I’m authentic. I really do what I do because I love it, because I believe in it and because I want to share my passion and experience.

This is why I am starting this new blog section. I’ll tell you more about me, about WeAllShareroots of course, about the new journey I’m embarking in (towards more sustainability and commitment), about the things I have learnt in the business and maybe, why not, a bit of lifestyle!

I can see from Instagram that you love to see the “real me”, that my posts get more “likes” when I speak with my heart and that my stories are more appreciated when I appear in them without filter, preparation or any bullshit. So let’s go for it. I have plenty of things to tell you and I would love you to hear from you as well. What do you want to know about? what do you think about my articles? Please don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts.

I’m looking forward to this new venture with you. Merci.

With love, Elise