Our ethical journey


Our brand incorporates and celebrates stories of hope, upliftment, and the spirit that makes South Africa such a hub of Afri-coolness.

People matter

Sadly, one in four people in South Africa is unemployed and WeAllShareRoots looks to create long-term productive partnerships with local handcrafters, seamstresses, and associated small enterprises. We regularly collaborate with our suppliers in helping to build a sustainable entrepreneurship model. For us, it’s all about creating a responsible business environment where everybody gets their fair share.

Responsible fashion

Our transparent production and supply principles guide our processes from start to finish, and we incorporate hardwearing quality leather, durable trims, and cotton into our unique designs. Even our offcuts are repurposed into our much loved purses and coin purses. Our investment in plant-based textile Piñatex® is helping us to pioneer change in the fashion sector, and we are excited at the future this innovative and cruelty-free product has for us.

By Renske Schreuder from Townbroek

We are passionate about practicing slow fashion – each and every one of our bags is numbered and fully traceable back to its maker, and we actively participate in disadvantaged communities where our seamstresses are based. We are currently involved at Smart Kingdom Kids Academy in Lavender Hill/Seawinds, helping on an organisational level as well as with funds for their ongoing projects.