Our source of inspiration

At the heart of WeAllShareRoots are the African prints and patterns we use to bring life and soul to each and every bag.

Thanks to their exquisitely detailed designs and vibrant colours, African prints have captivated peoples’ imaginations for centuries, and it is a privilege to include them in our designs – each time in a unique way that we know will spark joy.

Shweshwe fabric prints have been a huge part of South African culture from the time they were first introduced to South Africa in the 19th century by German missionaries. Newly-wed Xhosa-speaking ‘makotis’ are known for their elaborate and dignified shweshwe dresses once married, but these patterned fabrics are appreciated as much in contemporary fashions too, and we are humbled to play a small part in continuing to celebrate this time-honoured tradition in our own handbag designs.


As much as the WeAllShareRoots story started with African wax print and shweshwe fabrics, we are excited to see our brand evolve through collaborations with talented surface and textile designers in South Africa. We are constantly looking for new ways to share our passion for African-inspired patterning, innovative fashion designs, and ethical business practices with other like-minded creatives. Click here to see our exciting collaborations. 


Stay tuned as we embark on developing our own range of Afro-inspired prints – we look forward to offering even more exciting patterns and designs to our ranges and to increasing our traceability pedigree.