Eco-mindful Capsule Collection

Our latest babies !!! These clutch-bags represent the culmination of our research and investments towards ever more ethics and ever less negative impact on the planet and its inhabitants!
They subtly mix “upcycled” fabrics, hemp (this completely biodegradable fiber, considered as the future of eco-responsible fashion) and eco-friendly pigments. Because yes, this collection is also very special since it was completely thought through, designed and printed by our little hands! The assurance of a UNIQUE bag, eco-mindful and of course 100% handmade in one of Cape Town’s townships A guilt-free treat!!!

  • $105,00

    NEW! Our most ethical bag!

    100% handmade. Shipping costs included.

    For a chic and original look, choose the CEBISILE clutch, foldable on either the plain or printed side

    With eco-friendly and mindful materials, added to a fair and responsible production mode, this clutch will be your best slow-fashion asset and your ethical statement!